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My 1st mixtape that I have ever released. Was supposed to have been releasing one last year, and other years as well. Finally wrote enough material that I was happy with and comfortable with releasing. Hopefully everyone likes it. This mixtape only has one feature which is included as a bonus track along with 2 other songs which I wrote back when I called myself Savaar as well as a beat I made back when I first called myself Illektrolyte. Check it out though.

S/N: Sorry if I went heavy on the Auto-Tune. Lol


released September 28, 2012



all rights reserved


Fineprint Misread aka ZigZag DTS Memphis, Tennessee

Born January 11, 1988 in Memphis, TN; Eddie White(Known now as Fineprint Misread aka ZigZag DTS) has always had that gleam in his eye. He started out with aspirations of being a artist and poet, but the poetry part soon turned into rapping. At the present time, he's absorbing knowledge to become even greater at what he does on the mic and making a name for himself as a producer. ... more

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Track Name: Fineprint Misread - The Present and The Future (Intro)
"The Present and The Future"
4:56AM To 6:49AM

Up 4 an' 5 in the mornin, like I'm flyin in from tourin
But I'm juz perfectin the flow, grind 'til I'm snorin
My mind is explorin to find a rhyme that's allurin
An' separates me from the weak, 'cause when they rhyme, they borin
Miseducated on life, I'm juz implyin I'm Lauryn
Call niggaz on they bullshit, they imply that we warrin
On the defensive end, I'm implyin you're Warren
I'm takin this like the Heat, can't deny that I'm scorin
Rain's fallin like it's hail; can't deny that it's pourin
I got the drive like a bat out of Hell; nigga, I'm floorin
Anything for exposure; I'm attention-whorin
An' I'ma vye for attention 'til my whip is foreign
Labeled lazy 'cause I don't wanna rap where they performin
I have my own plan, so I creep like global warmin
Can't wait 'til these old heads rock the sour lip
'Cause I'm on a leer wit' Kanye -- call that shit a power trip
An' I ain't done, I'm juz warmin up
That 16 was juz the calm, I'm still brain-stormin up
Nope, I ain't never stood over a stove wit' pots
But I'm in the struggle, sleepin on a broke-down cot
A hustler's a pig, don't fly straight
Silverback on my back, you'd die from the stress of my weight
I hate niggaz who miss the point of a message
Try to set 'em straight, but they never ever catch it
These hoes stay thirsty, no beverage
For once can I get a lady wit' some sense, not ratchet
An' wretched; mad wit' yo life so you disparage
Everything a nigga do, bitch; you'll never see marriage
Baby, get a "clue" like the board game
This Chess, you playin Sorry; miss me wit' the bored game
Can't afford dames couture claims, ignorin your's
One day I'll buy out the store's floors
'Til then, I write my thoughts, let the words speak
Stay away from the snakes wit' the bird beaks
Work to be in a power circle, that's word to Meek
An' spend $5000 on a pair of sneaks
See Esco an' I a pair of geeks
But he looks for convo, an' I juz want a pair of freaks
Guess that contradicts what I said before
So please don't give a shit 'bout what I said before
I only love her if her pussy tight
Let the coochie be deep, I'll sink into it like the beat when I write
Please God, let the apple be sweet, give me a bite
Some Dior pussy to quench my appetite
Get it right, I never lose sight
Juz lose track of who's wise when they join fools in a fight
I have Ferrari dreams but a Mickey D's budget
At least I'm not fakin wealth, so fuck it
You're fabricated, poetic claims fall on deaf ears
All big words, no flow, abandoned by your peers
Work at bein relatable, you might shine
Speak to people on their level an' you might find
What it means to be a emcee
Ya'll juz cypher all day; shit, it couldn't be me
To get respect, you need clout
Half of ya'll are derelicts 'cause you failed to figure that out
Hold up, Idk what I'm spittin 'bout now
Juz goin wit' the flow; click, click, pow
I need a super-thick chick, so I can dick her down
Endin this right here; haters simmer down
Track Name: Fineprint Misread - 28 Bars of Iron
"28 Bars of Iron"
7:41PM To 8:44PM

Why these niggaz be rappin an' makin stale statements
Ya'll niggaz ain't ballin, juz tailgatin
I spit semi-autos like Meth, leave shellcasings
So Hip-Hop cops can follow that like snail tracings
Bitches be all in my catalog -- Avon
Cops wanna box us by color -- crayon
But I ain't goin down without a struggle -- Trayvon
Peep as I line these niggaz like viscose rayon
Big word flow, an' I perfectly spit it
Murk an' diminish these rookies playin like the Merchant of Venice
I swallow pussy juice, spit lesbians
You can't fuck wit' my flow; end scene for the thespians
I walk it like pedestrians, you talk like the rumor mill
This ain't no gangsta shit but you can get touched wit' the ruger steel
Shoot to kill, shatter his grill an' rip his belly
Fuck a witness, my face is never seen like Wizard Kelly
I got more beef than delicatessens, under heavy possession
My soul's in steady progression, hope you're ready for lessons
I'm digressin an' stressin, blessin mics, leavin ya'll in sections
Caressin words wit' tenderness like I'm verbally sexin
Haven't spit like this in ages
When I do this fuckin shit I tend to piss in faces
I come equipped wit' phasers, an' my wrist is glacier
Colder than Drake's voice in Ice Age, let's get this paper
I just pissed off haters, an' every so-called lyricist
'Cause they hear Misread an' realize they're nowhere ill as this
Deal wit' it, I'm genius wit' every rhyme I invent
Fuck around an' make Fineprint
Track Name: Fineprint Misread - Charlie BARS
"Charlie BARS"
1:26AM To 2:51AM

If you're ready, on your mark, get set
Let's go, I'm movin thru life like a Lear jet
In private... in secret
No regrets, make my word an' I keep it
The pursuit of happiness, I seek it
If I find it, I might leak it
But your beauty is a beacon that leads to my pot of gold
Your heart is my goal
Tell the Leprechauns to let go
Enamored by your beauty, fail to touch your soul
But I reach deep... Shang Tsung
Work magic in ya pussy, David Blaine tongue
Not Mandigo, but I'm hung
Even if I hit once, it'll be a wonder -- William Hung
I won't stop 'til I collapse a lung
Or you blow me like kush in a bong
I'm the one, no Jet Li
Swagg an' class over medleys
Keep ya Red Monkeys, I rock Lees
Snapbacks an' Black Metal tees
Still M.O.R, even if I'm Pop
We are individual, so stop
Wit' that category shit, can't box me in
Not a 90's cat, fuck optin in
I'm droppin out, I don't do Boom Bap
Get ya gloom tunes slapped, you dudes are pum pum wit' rap
An' I'm the dude that's rude, been crude since middle school
So clap
Flip the bird, grip my dick like I'm about to fap
... this was meant to be positive
But I have to address the haters an' fakers
Who have a lotta lip
... like Donatella Versace
Everybody can't sound like Pac or Biggie
Ya'll juz stir up sumpin nauseous in me
Hardcore now, but I'm off it really
Ya'll actin hard like you 'bout to garner Emmys
I'm crystal meth mixed wit' Martin Remy
Always fire when I play my cards right like Remy
Plenty niggaz think they nice, but really
Ya'll by-products an' ya art is silly
If I throw shots, I'm Bosh, nothin but heat
Prep school flow, nothin but neat
My book is stocked like the market
Fineprint Misread come wit' bars like Charlie Bartlett
Track Name: Fineprint Misread - Fineprint Style
"Fineprint Style"
6:24PM To 7:07PM

Let the sprinklers run, I'm about to make you workout; no legwarmers
Make you sweat, pump pump, be a freak for me an' keep the bed warmer
Early mornin like Tom Joyner, I'm hit that like a snooze button
This'll be similar to Zumba class; shake ya ass, move somethin
I'm Fineprint, now drop the top like a 911 Porsche
Go down on me, I'll go down on you of course; wax it 'til ya go hoarse
Usually my flow is coarse, I switched it up an' took a smoother course
Flowin poetic, these emcees synthetic; pathetic so I bang the hammer like I'm Norse
Eat my shorts, I grind, baby, like the gears in a Hublot
Tryin to be icey like Gucci so you can marvel at that hue glow
Yeah, the chain's full of tourmaline; I'm blessed, above the gift like ornaments
Got love an' game like tennis tournaments; I killed the comp, bring mourners in
Shine like the Sun, bring mornin in; if I'm not the champ, then I'm gonna win
Why live righteous? We were born to sin; I get live, goin Lorne again...
An' that's Fineprint Style
Track Name: Fineprint Misread - Great Feelings
"Great Feelings"
1:35AM To 3:01AM

Verse 1:

So open to this new life, see it in a new light
Freedom wit' new rights, notebook full of new writes
Focused when I do write, an' it's true when I write
Truth of my soul composed on a scroll
In part or in whole, Satan can't have my mind
Naysayers? Left 'em behind
Music grind, focused like a Ritalin binge
Switched the style, now they hate me again
Oh well, can't please 'em, good enough reason
To leave 'em, niggaz juz change like seasons
Fair-weather friends, enemies alike
Can all take a hike; seein shit in hindsight
Tryin to get my mind right, positive thoughts
But the negative vibes keep knockin me off
I'm stoppin the talk, an' makin the moves
I got everything to gain, so I refuse to lose
{1:57AM 09/11/2012}

Verse 2:

To all the ladies hypnotized by the glamour
Never judge by the cover, that book could be the answer
To your heartache, stress, apprehension
Ones you count out could be your ascension
Pointless like letters to Santa
Futile when every guy has been brutal
Don't need ya eyes blacked like a panda
Excuse my corny humor, juz tryin to loose you
Don't let me lose you, I'm here to uplift
Good feelin without pickin up a spliff
You want bliss, it's in ya eyes
Starships meant for flight, let your spirit rise
Get higher, relax an' release
Let ya hair down, dance to the beat
This is your night, dancin free
Everything'll be alright, now sing with me
{2:25AM 09/11/2012}

Verse 3:

I'm blessed, above the gift like ornaments
Got love an' game like tennis tournaments
I killed the comp, bring mourners in
Shine like the Sun an' bring mornin in
I kno I'm not the champ, but I'm gonna win
I said this before, but it's on again
Why live righteous? We were born to sin
I get live, goin Lorne again
An' you kno me, when I do it, I do it to death
My shit is usually def
Raw upfront like a sushi chef
Learned alot, but got tutelage left
Think I don't kno how the game has changed
But I switched up juz to reign like James
Changed lanes, good feeling in my veins
Happy again, singin in the rain
{2:54AM 09/11/2012}
Track Name: Fineprint Misread - Another Episode
"Another Episode"
7:38AM To 8:27AM

I need money to maintain; this rap shit ain't a game
I'm in it for all the riches, only lames chase fame
But I'm aware I need fame to attain wealth, technicality
So I'm workin on makin hits; hunger's my reality
The factual account of what's actual
Dealin wit' my fallacies, strugglin's a allergy
Sufferin, burnin calories, dreamin of higher salaries
Writin all my days juz to hear niggaz laugh at me
An' I'm in college gettin a shitty degree
Did it for a girl, the scholar route ain't for me
She don't love me for me, but I love her so much
Should juz love her for pussy, an' juz fuck her for such
'Cause it feel good, feel real good
Feels so good an' a nigga can't deny it
It's so good, I swear it's so good
Real, real, real good; that's why I had to write it
I'm lyin... shit, I never hit that
But that drop sounded ill, so I'll peeled my fuckin lid back
An' pulled out somethin dope to show my versa-steez
We are not the same; kid you kno my expertise
I am creative, my skill is like a Spirit Bomb
I draw from the people then put it in a song
You might be futuristic, but you are still my son
So I'll be "brief" wit' what I'm "saiyan"; you are juz a pawn...
An' that's all...
Track Name: Fineprint Misread - Cherished Ones
"Cherished Ones"
09/26 - 27/2012
10:39PM To 1:11AM

Fuck a friend, fuck an acquaintance
Fuck having a bitch as a friend if I can't fuck that acquaintance (Gimme that pussy, bitch!)
Fuck etiquette, I ain't tryin to love these hoes (Never...)
Nothin but gold diggers; fuck these hoes
Fuck punchlines, just give me a fuckin .9
I'll shoot the next fuck who questions my emotion or grind
I'm sick of all these lil' rap critics who can't spit, just bullshit widdit
Fraudulent lyrics, fakin prolific; receive my middle digit (Up your's!)
Can't knock me off my pivot (Nuh-uhn...)
I'm a figure skater wit' perfect balance an'so much talent
That one thought could create a new planet
I'd rather be nefarious than debonair an' gallant (Believe me!)
Let's get dangerous, I smell shit an' it's foul
Single file hoes, I'm flowin thru beauty like the Nile
Such denial, thinkin you're hot when you're wet twat
Come harder; that can't be all you got (Are you serious, man?)
One shot in the air, two to the face like Huey P.
For non-believers who don't spit congruently
Approach me, pussies; I'll fill up ya walls like asbestos
Want beef? I'll come wit' iron in hand like a cestus (Aim and squeeze...)
Deliver a siesta, slugs'll have a fiesta in ya cabeza
At my pinnacle, while you hang on the cliff of a mesa
Degenerate hater (Fuckin prick...)
You know I'd be Muhammad Ali if I became any greater (I'm so mean...)
Can't fuck wit' me, an' that shit isn't arrogance (Nope!)
In a solo league -- stop comparin, twits
It's my name, an' I'm wearin it out by my lonely
You fucks didn't create me, you fucks don't own me
It's hatred I spew, inebriated by brew
Suck my fuckin dick, I harbor hatred for you
Whose you? All who misconstrue; assume I flipped out of the blue
Assumin means you never knew me an' the shit I came to do
I make music, 95%'ll make you sick
Fuckin bible thumpers, ya'll pluck like acoustic
Don't confuse it, I'm not here to guide you straight like Jiminy
Fuck a friend -- I cherish every enemy (An' that's real...)
Track Name: Fineprint Misread - No Heartburn (My Desire)
"No Heartburn (My Desire)"
4:13PM To 6:01PM

They on my heels like foot fetish worship
Basically cause they kno how my verse get
Fineprint spread like the T-Virus
Look in my iris, I am desirous
A re-birth -- no Osiris
Ancient script lifted off papyrus
Verse is a ambush like the Trojan Horse
All eyes like I came in a golden Porsche
Bars goin over like I spoke in Morse
Flows overdose an' clog ya nose; it's coke of course
I boast
Tryin to be "continental" like a Zephyr V12
Prayin for the day my album see shelves
Feelin like, that'll be the day I see elves
Fuck, I'm a write 'til I feel this
Steady blowin my mind -- Don Cornelius

I got it locked like a diary
Case you lames had any kind of inquiry
My heart's fiery, no heartburn
That's the passion I have; better start to learn
Get it thru ya thick skull
My ideas are like thinkin wit' a big bulb
Fuck the rap game 'til my dick's dull
Need a thick chick to gimme big skull
I'm fly like the Air Force
You stay on the street like a Air Force
One... throw the two's, no Audio
I don't hear you, like no audio
You lack heart -- like cardio
Taken from vascular, laugh atcha false S. Carter flow
Holy verses, 2nd Timothy
Stay sick like TaKeina Kennedy
Blow minds in the back seat, John Kennedy
I'll be ill 'til they spawn a remedy
When I'm gone, please remember me
Chop it up wit' a fan, but don't dismember me
Error proof like the pregnancy test
Do this wit' effortless finesse
Bring the rap vagina, I'll bring my johnson
To show I get live like Keenan Thompson
Track Name: Fineprint Misread - Portia de Rossi Flow
"Portia de Rossi"
<05/17 - 18/2012>
9:42PM To 12:33AM

Can't a young nigga spit raw anymore?
Poetically, phonetically eat 'em up like vore
Can I get a competitor to drop some bars
Juz don't come at me 'bout ya swagg or ya cars

Verse 1:

My mental is part daVinci, the other half Chikatilo
Red Ripper status behind these bars; you see me, people
Sniper aim, I'm right on the money like bald eagles
No swagg surfin shit; you lames are all Deedles
My lines be all needles; epinephrine mixed wit'heroin
"Some like it hot", so I forever spit that Marilyn
Bars be in my mouth like a Monroe or Labret
Or snakebites; I swear, I'm sicker than what these fakes write
Higher than the mezzanine; Eddie White is Eddie Gein
On crystal meth, promethazine, an' plenty drugs you never seen
Skill I got, put that on everything
You can't be the illest 'cause I'm muthafuckin everything


Verse 2:
Nowadays muthafuckaz think they bars is brolic
Like they was that sick as a child; lyrical colic
But people still come to my bars like karaoke night
An' I'm straight shittin on ya'll wit' the dopest writes
Half these niggaz washed up wit' they ass in the bidet
Couldn't save a life if they was part of The Fray
Dramatic irony, yeah that's a part of the play
Rappers for breakfast; important part of my day
See, I'm higher than the mezzanine; Eddie White is Eddie Gein
On crystal meth, promethazine, an' plenty drugs you never seen
Skill I got, put that on everything
You can't be the illest 'cause I'm muthafuckin everything
Abstract Collective; we ill, we sick
Unlike these other fuckz who get a deal then brick
Comin at us hard, couldn't conceal the jizz
Answer quick when I unveil the quiz


Amelia wit' it, they like "You lost me."
Braggin 'bout apparel like "Look what it cost me."
Nigga I rip whatever beat you toss me
That's why they can't fuck wit' my shit; Portia de Rossi
Track Name: Fineprint Misread - Shit Just Got Real!!!!
"Shit Just Got Real!!!!"
7:38AM To 9:51AM

Once I hit the track, I ain't stoppin like Cain Marko
Brain's Darko like Donnie an' bars are my main cargo
Insane art flow, very Richard Ramirez
Rawer than Tsukiji Market; niggaz can't get near his
Most wolves in sheep apparel, I'm Lucifer rockin Raptor hide
You kno I got flow, takin you for a raftin ride
Draftin a plan to get hella gwap where you can't tell where the money end
So it's fuck a bitch, I skeeter(skeet her) like Doug Funnie's friend
Yes pun intend; Louie bag to put the money in
Plus a Beamer, Bens, or Bentley to put the honey in
It's funny, man; I flow money like oil reserves
Eatin rappers, I ain't full -- niggaz juz h'ordeuvres
Bitch said I try to go hard, shit juz got real
Rage meme face, my spit juz got more ill
An' this bitch juz got killed... epically
On some Medusa decapitation shit; poetically
Off wit' yo head like the Queen told Alice
Stop bein so callous, but it brings more malice
I'm bein more Atlas when I pressure myself wit' the world's weight
An' I power myself wit' this girl's hate
I'll be behind these bars forever like Ted Kaczynski
So you, you can juz blow me like M. Lewinsky
I stand tall against any attempts to diss me
Blow it out yo ass, you failed at attempts to wish me
Track Name: Fineprint Misread - Life... The Way I See It
"Life As I See It"
<09/18/2011 - |09/18/2012>
12:36AM To 5:17AM

Verse 1:

My insecurities influence committin suicide
Depressed 'cause it seems juz like you lied
Too tired, can't focus like I'm wasted off 6 kegs of Everclear
My cries are what you'll never hear
Every year I lose sumpin like compulsive gamblers
Invested in optimism, now I'm in debt an' low on stamina
Everywhere, nothin but friends an' fuckers
The love part's replaced by intercourse, of course
Poor sport for not givin a fuck about fuckin
Honestly the fuckin thought of fuckin is muthafuckin fuckin annoyin me
See I outburst like I'm celibate wit' Tourette's
An' this isn't even about sex
I never save hoes; fuck those broads
I'm not them fuckz on Twitter, girl -- don't be a retard
I go hard, disregardin the clit juice drippin
My flow's a katana an' the beat I'm juz rippin


I'm always like "Nobody cares."
Everytime I turn around, nobody's there
When I scream out like Michael an' Janet
So fuck the world an' birth a new planet
But honestly, I can't open up to ya'll
Shuttin down an' refuse to lift up the wall
That's the way it is, buddy, better believe it
This is life the way I see it

Verse 2: {1:52AM}

I acknowledge I've been more of a failure than a success
But it hurts when you bring it up, give it a rest
I haven't lived up to your standards?
But from where I stand, I wasn't raised the right way
I mean, you guided me, but he was never around
If he heard this he'd pro'lly flip his house upside-down
It takes a village to raise a child
An' I'm all inhibited, caged up, ready to go wild
Howlin at the moon from a livin room window
Leavin claw marks in a notepad, one perturbed schizo
Sick as a infant, wasn't right from the get-go
Why he abandoned me, I'll never get tho
Fuck it, I'm all cried out, flooded a riverbed
Had enough like a dead alcoholic's liver said
My inner's dead, juz hopin we can put this behind us
Make a plus out of a minus...


Verse 3: {6:14PM}

Trapped, suppressin these emotions everyday
Pray to get closer but feel you movin away
If I get too wrapped up, I'll be broken in the end
Holdin on 'til I'm snuffed like a candle in the wind
When you said you didn't feel, my whole heart shattered
An' I was believin that all my attempts mattered
Maybe it's a malfunction in my defense mechanism
Protectin me from another schism
I love you to death, that's why I think about dyin
Livin without you'll lead to endless cryin
Especially if you find another
May not be together but you're still my significant other
Can't help bein insecure, been thru too much
I scream at God like "Enough is enough!"
I juz want the fuckin love I have to be reciprocated
Not remixed, fuckin diluted or downgraded... for real